Where to go out in Belo Horizonte?

Belo Horizonte is a very pleasant city to go out. There is something for everyone! For information bars /clubs in Brazil have a different functioning from France. When you enter, you are given a card on which your drinks will be credited. It is therefore necessary to pay the amount on the card to be able to get out of the box afterwards. Be careful not to be fooled and ruined. If you lose this card you will also have to pay dearly to be able to go out. On the menu:

  • Box:

The Paco Pigalle: held by a Frenchman it is very popular and commercial. The atmosphere is guaranteed even if it is a little far from the Luxemburgo district. – The Major Lock: Very good box close enough with good music and a good atmosphere inside. The Yellow Submarine Pub: house/groovy house/tech-house/ techno like the facebook page and watch the DJs. – The Chalezinho: Take out the shirts and heels this club is more chic and more expensive to do however not to miss one of the most famous boxes of Belo (70 reais the entrance). – Nosso Botequim: At the beginning of Savassi the Nosso Botequim is a bar in the early evening and then you can go upstairs to go to a relatively small but friendly club. – Nightmarket : Skema evenings on the rooftop, nice but do not spend your time downstairs – Hangar 677: box good but very expensive, to do if there is a cool event. – Deputamadre: Techno box. – A fabrica: Electro music in a kind of hangar – O mercado: Electro music in a kind of hangar

  • Bar:

Eat skewers and chill: Muu Bar ~ Beb's Bar ~ La Butcheria – Watch football matches: Itataia Bar – The landmark: Do Antonio (in front of the celestine villa) ~ The Premium Savassi (a bar with a large terrace! You will find 1.5L buckets for 40 reals. Commercial music.)  


  • Always keep a little Reais in a separate pocket to give in case of problems (20-30 R$).
  • Do not take public transport or walk alone or in a small group on the street after 20 – 21h (use taxis or UBER at night, they abound the streets all night).
  • Always stay in control of yourself and don't drink too much!
  • Avoid deserted streets.
  • Do not wear valuables (jewelry, watches…)



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