Partners & Benefits

We share with you in this page the partners with whom we have traveled.
Do not hesitate, they are safe values in their field and we had the pleasure of using their service during our various Roadtrips.


It is the ideal partner for your accommodation abroad.
We love what they do: home exchange!

Do not rent your accommodation anymore and value the fact that your apartment or house is empty during your holidays. With my parents, I had the chance to do about fifteen exchanges and we were able to discover many destinations by saving a lot!

So you can make reciprocal exchanges (you go to the person's house and the person comes to your home) or exchanges for GuestPoints (if you want to go to someone's house and the person does not want to go to your home, you can give them guestpoints)

👉 Here is a parainage link to get more GuestPoints

You can also find more information about HomeExchange on the parainage link above or directly on the HomeExchange website.

Online banking:

Boursorama, the sure value

In all our travels, we have used our Boursorama card.
Very convenient with low fees and guarantees and service from the real bank!

If you want to open an account do not hesitate to use the parainage code RERA7556 will benefit you from 80 € to 150 € offered for the opening of your bank card totally free 😍

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