Humanitarian Weekend: Monique Leclercq Foundation

For a weekend we went to São Domingo Do Prata a small town 3 hours east of Belo Horizonte. We were welcomed by Aude who is monique Leclercq's little niece. The latter founded more than 60 years ago the monique Leclercq fundacão which helps children in difficult situations by offering them to prepare for the university entrance exam, the practice of capoeira, playing instruments… 12970435_1096644273732463_1255948030_o 12970598_1096644260399131_785952964_o 12986850_1096644210399136_54889032_o 12970600_1096644190399138_792751786_o 12986835_1096644170399140_386401657_o 12991887_1096644160399141_369728050_o During this weekend rich in emotion and sharing we organized the Olympic Games, ending with a traditional football followed by a rugby all in a tropical pouring rain.

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