The Northeast: From the Parque de Lençois to Jericoacoara!


  How to get there: Airplane! from Rio or Belo Horizonte it takes more than 30 hours for the Bus. (Plane: Belo Horizonte – Sao Luis; Fortaleza – Belo Horizonte ==> 200 – 300 €) What to do in the Northeast: Parque de Lençois – Atins – Jericoacoara – Kite Surfing – Lagunes The Northeast is one of the unmissable wonders of Brazil ! We spent a week there which is enough to appreciate the essentials ! The beaches are exceptional but the particularity of the Nordeste is none other than the Parque de Lençois! The Parque de Lençois is a huge desert of white sand dotted with lagoons with various shades of blue. Since lagoons are formed by rainwater during the rainy season, it is best to go between May and November. Knowing that these periods are very popular with tourists. The experience in the desert and therefore less authentic unfortunately. For our part, we went there in March. This was the beginning of the rainy season. The lagoons were not all filled but the fact remains that the spectacle was grandiose. In addition, being in off-peak periods we benefited from cheaper prices as well as the privilege of having the desert to ourselves!   We followed several steps: Step 1: Barreirinhas Step 2: Atins Trek in the Desert Step 3: Jericoacoara (see on the map at the beginning of the article)   Transport: Sao Luiz – Barreirinhas: Arrived in Sao Luiz, we went directly to the Rodovaria (bus station) about 10-15 minutes from the airport by taxi (20 R$). From there we took a direct bus to Barreirinhas with the company Cisne Branco (4h30 – 51R$). Barreirinhas – Atins: Either a boat trip through beaches (40R$), or by 4×4 (1h – 25R$) on the town square in the morning. The 4×4 in the dunes to go to Atins is definitely worth it! The best is to inquire at the pousada or the hostel by asking Atins. Atins – Jericoacoara: On the spot you have to negotiate. 2 options are available to you: either the direct transfer (plan the day – 15R$ of boat + 200 R$ of 4×4 all per person); or the "flea jumps" by doing each step via local transport (plan over 2 days). The steps over 2 days are less expensive but it is impossible to plan your shot in advance and you will be forced to sleep in one of the cities. The second option is well detailed in this article. Jericoacoara – Fortaleza: Transfer by 4×4 for 4 or 6 people (7h – 200-300R$ per person) It is also possible to make the trip in the opposite direction from Fortaleza to Sao Luis. The steps and prices are the same.   Advice:

  • Go preferably to 4 or 6 prices will be cheaper
  • Do not hesitate to leave in the low season. Even if the park is less beautiful, because there are fewer lagoons, the desert is less touristy and it is cheaper.
  • If you do not want to take the lead go through agencies.
  • There is a French guide in Atins. I ADVISE YOU AGAINST IT! I quote: "I prefer expats' to students they have more money we can more easily pluck them" …
  • If you like tranquility choose Atins if you prefer the Chill and Hippy atmosphere opt for more days in Jericoacoara !
  • The Northeast is poor ==> No valuables and we always plan a little money to give just in case. Do not worry in 6 months in Brazil we have never been worried. Just take a few precautions.
  • Taste TAPIOCAS, a Brazilian specialty widespread in the Northeast. These cassava flour pancakes with dried meat are delicious and typical.
  • Remember to take mosquito repellent!


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