The best places to go out in Dakar?

Dakar's nightlife is very active.

You will not be bored although we can perhaps, after a while, get tired because the evenings do not renew themselves much either.

We give you the best tips to directly know where to go out in Dakar, and how to meet new people when you arrive in Dakar.

Music collectives and evenings to follow in Dakar

  • Electrafrique : the electrafriques are the unmissable evenings of Dakar. It is the temple of the evening in Dakar. about once a month we find the best sounds of African electro.

  • Favelas : The most extravagant evenings in Dakar. About once a month in different places to the rhythms of HipHop all dakar is for these memorable evenings.
  • Analog : A very nice collective that organizes parties with DJs mixing with vinyls
  • Full moon (evenings at the foot of the Renaissance monument or others, music rather HipHop)

PLACES to meet people in Dakar

  • Chez Max aux Mamelles: Very cool to have a drink on Sunday at sunset to end your weekend in the best way

  • Oceanium in Plateau: sea view and very pleasant to land there. It is also an association and a diving club. inescapable.
  • Hotel du phare aux Mamelles: with the aperitifs mix on Thursday, the appointment of the week for good music
  • The petanque bar in Almadies: very cool to make a good petanque
  • Boma in Ngor: Nice but a little stilted
  • Estendera aux Almadies: often a place of "after" according to the evenings we have very good music and the setting is nice.
  • Trames : The address to go out to Plateau, a cultural and festive place. 
  • Phares des Mamelles : Evening on Friday evening and Saturday. Entrance fee. a lot of people, very festive and stilted.

Local clubs in Dakar

It is necessary to test everyone will have their own experience. It's really something to do that is completely different from what you can find in Europe.

Here are some names of clubs/nightclubs

Have a drink in Dakar

  • Secret spot : The perfect bar to see surfers with a sunset.

  • The Bazoff at Point E: nice for a drink.
  • Oceanium in Plateau: Very posed
  • The sea at the table at the Almadies: nice sea view with live music often from Thursday evening
  • The Xorbi (pronounced Rorbi) in Fann Hock: Very cool for a drink, billiards or watching football matches
  • Bayekou : Ngor, with DJ on Friday night, on the terrace.

Here we gave you a first big glimpse of the atmosphere in Dakar to go out and party.

The best thing is to make your own opinion knowing that the places and types of parties change often.

Feel free to comment if you have other locations!

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