Where to stay in Dakar, Senegal

Dakar this beautiful city is full of life!
You will find a very large offer of accommodation in Dakar.

There is something for everyone, it's a chance!
For our part, we lived about 2 years in Dakar in Plateau.

The choice of accommodation in Dakar will depend mainly on 3 criteria:

  • your workplace
  • your budget
  • your means of transport (if you have your car, scooter / motorcycle or a driver, you will be more free on your choice).

Check out our other articles to know where to go out in Dakar, the best restaurants in Dakar, where to surf in Dakar. This can surely influence your choice of accommodation.

We will therefore present the main neighborhoods where to live in Dakar as well as our recommendations according to your potential profile. Finally, the last section will be the groups to find accommodation in Dakar we give you all the information!

Neighborhoods to live in Dakar:


Called "the city center" by the Dakar, you will find restaurants, a lot of companies, the port to go to Gorée, art galleries, large hotels, very quiet on weekends you can walk there. In terms of location, it's far from the surf spots and parties that are more towards Mamelles and Almadies. 

But the small corniche still offers an interesting dynamic with bars, restaurants, beaches / pools. There are often a few evenings organized at the Oceanium (also diving center). And, very recent: TRAMES, rooftop in the heart of the city directly overlooking the Independence Square. There is a tantalizing program on weekdays and weekends: exhibitions, vernissage, dj evening on the rooftop. 

Very close to the plateau, we find the new station of Dakar and its TER. There is also the Museum of Black Civilizations with concerts and parties (such as FULL MOON to learn more about our article Where to go out in Dakar) on the esplanade of the museum. 

All the amenities of everyday life are within walking distance: Auchan, banks, hairdressers, gyms, cinema, beauticians, doctors, clinic … almost no water or electricity cuts because it is located very close to the presidential palace. 

On the other hand, 2 negative points:

  1. It is one of the most expensive areas of DakarThere
    is a big difference in rent prices between furnished and unfurnished. Furniture is certainly inexpensive if you have it made on site but it takes time and imported furniture (Orca) is overpriced. For example, if you are staying for 6 months, do not embark on an unfurnished one. Although it is simple to resell your furniture when you leave. 
  1. Plateau is very eccentric: Going to the almadies on a weekday evening at the time of "the descent" (the end of the working day) around 5pm can be a real journey.  

Point E:

Very quiet residential area and a little more central between Plateau and the udders. This can be a very good alternative! Beautiful houses, rents are expensive all the same, some restaurants around the Olympic swimming pool, sports club "Olympic Club" very nice and the inevitable "Chez Lulu". Not far from the Sea Plaza shopping center, an Auchan not far away. But it is more difficult to do everything on foot. 


Where there are the most young people and houses with collocations, village atmosphere. You don't feel like you're in the city with big avenues. 

Much cheaper than plateau and closer to surf spots. On the other hand, beware there are often water and electricity cuts. There is no bitumen, the roads are sandy.
During the wintering period, the Mamelles quickly turn into a mud field. Only one Auchan, small neighborhood shopkeeper, no bank in the area, complicated to live in this area without car or scooter.

Some bars: The Hotel du Phare des Mamelles, Lomarnart. The beach of Mamelles is all ready is within walking distance with beautiful sunset at the busy bar "Chez Max". There is also a climbing spot overlooking the sea behind the mamelles cliff accessible from the Mamelles beach. It is essential to be accompanied by professionals or connoisseurs. It is also possible to go running at the Mamelles lighthouse.


Very typical neighborhood, you will be immersed in Senegal. A real neighborhood life but a lot of passage and noisy. and one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dakar.


Good compromise between typical Senegalese neighborhood, inexpensive and well located close to Mamelle, a more traditional hair with a beautiful view of the Renaissance monument. This neighborhood can be a good alternative.


The newest areas of Dakar with modern and high standing buildings, lots of restaurants and bars along the sea. One of the coolest places in Dakar but expensive. Holiday atmosphere and idleness guaranteed. Off-center opposite the board on the map, but the same you can live and walk easily on foot, perfect for surfers. 


Cheaper than the Almadies Ngor can be a good compromise, there are also beautiful houses. Also perfect for surfing them. Diving club, and Ngor beach very nice. Turn between Ngor and Almardies and also an interesting alternative for surfers. 


Cheaper than the Almadies and Ngor, Yoff is an interesting surf spot, with a very nice (but polluted) beach but the neighborhood is quite far from the more touristic and pleasant places of Dakar. we recommend it a little less. Very traditional, frequent water and electricity cut- Often very clogged to access the rest of the city.


Next to point E, more towards the sea, student district. Good alternative to have a cheaper rent than Point E and Plateau, and interesting to get out of the city, have a neighborhood life and be directly on the axis of the corniche to go to the Almadies / Mamelles. 

In any case, the neighborhoods are quite different, it is still better to visit the housing and neighborhoods because within a neighborhood you can have completely different atmospheres.

Where to stay in Dakar when you have children?

  • Plateau
  • Point E
  • Almadies
  • Sally if you work at Diamniadio (up-and-coming business center in Dakar)

Where to stay in Dakar if you want good value for money with a central location?

  • Point E
  • Ouakam
  • Fann
  • Udders

Where to stay if you want to be in a local neighborhood:

  • Medina
  • Ouakam
  • Yoff

Where to stay in Dakar if you work in Plateau?

  • Plateau
  • Point E
  • Further (Mamelles)

To find a shared apartment or accommodation in Dakar?

We advise you to look on sites on Facebook the idea is to put your budget (between 200,000 FCFA in Mamelle and 500/600,000 FCFA in Plateau), the desired neighborhood and collocation or not.

The reference is still the group of French in Dakar we advise you to publish in this group because it is very lively

The sites to find:

  1. French in Dakar
  2. Dakarium: Turfs & Cribs
  3. Español@s in Dakar y Senegal
  5. Expat-Dakar
  6. DAKAR: Apartment rental, exchange, roommate!
  7. Dakarium (ex Dakar Craigslist) –> good to buy furniture etc
  8. Rooms, Studios, apartments and villa for rent or sale in Dakar 💵🏠

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So do not hesitate to comment on your good addresses, your advice on neighborhoods!

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