Where to surf in Dakar, Senegal?

Dakar is one of the most complete surf spots in the world.
There are waves for all levels and sizes.
Surfing in Dakar is an institution for some neighborhoods and Senegal is recognized in Africa for this setting very conducive to this discipline.
We spoil you directly, there are no sharks it's very safe. Your worst enemies will be sea urchins!

Once there, there is plenty of surfing in Dakar or Cap Skirring. Do not hesitate to talk about it around you to ask and many doors will open.

So if you're wondering where to surf in Dakar, Senegal, here are our tips for the best spots in Dakar to surf!

When the wind comes from the north

Favor the following surf spots:

  • Almadies
  • Right Ngor who has the ability to be hidden from the wind thanks to the island. 
  • Beginners : At the almadies, secret is the most accessible spot when the swell is not too big. 
  • Confirmed : Secret spot in Almadies, right tank (low tide), left tank (high tide) and udders when the swell is very large. (beware of rocks and sea urchins).
  • For the most expert : off the coast of club med and in Ouakam

When the wind comes from the south

Favor the following surf spots:

  • BCEAO in Yoff
  • For beginners: Turn to YOFF
  • For confirmed & experts: Ngor left and right because there are several peak. 
  • For suicide bombers: Left of loic

Surf clubs

  • At Malika in the north: The price is 12000 cfa for 1h30 including equipment
  • Quiksilver: between 15,000 FCFA and 12,000 FCFA with equipment depending on whether you want individual or group lessons. 

To have the information about wind and swell, we recommend the following applications and sites Magic Sea Weed or Windguru

Outside Dakar:

  • Toubab Dialaw on the small coast
  • Smooth stone on the small coast
  • La Somone on the small coast
  • Yenne
  • Cap Skirring in Casamance –> Discover Casamance with our Road Trip

Feel free to comment if you have other surf spots to share on Dakar.

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