Trindade: beaches and natural pool


  How to get there: From Paraty, take a Bus to Trindade (3-5 R$) – 30 to 45 minutes What to do in Trindade: Praia do Cepilho, Praia do Cachadaço, Piscine natuelle do Cachadaço. Trindade is incredible because of the beauty of its beaches. From Paraty, it is largely possible to do Trindade in one day. trindade 2 We had taken the bus for the occasion around 9 am to arrive around 9:40 am. Once there we headed to the beach of Cachadaço. To reach the natural pool you have to walk along the beach of Cachadaço and take a path inland for 20-30 minutes. The whole thing lasts an hour, but the natural pool is splendid! Although many people stay and wade in this seawater pool formed by the large rocks that border it, the setting is beautiful and it's worth a visit!! It is also possible to get there or return by "boat" from the beginning of the beach of Cachadaço but the go costs 10R$ and the setting is idyllic to go there by walking.

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