La Somone, between sea and lagoon, perfect place to disconnect from Dakar!

Ah la Somone, what a little corner of Paradise!
Life is sweet you can only appreciate this atmosphere between mangrove, lagoon

If you want to escape Dakar for a weekend, take the road and explore the Petite Côte at 1h-2h by car only.

How to get to Somone from Dakar?

From the cheapest to the most expensive:

Be careful, on Friday evening and Sunday, everyone leaves / returns from Dakar, there may be big traffic jams at the exit / Entrance of the highway. 

  • By taxi 7 or 5 seats : Leave from the crow's foot crossroads, ask for a place for a departure for Mbour (1500 FCFA – 2000 FCFA max per head), check that the taxi goes through the highway, if you are lucky you can even come across taxis that go directly to Sali.
    Arrived in Mbour take a shared or private taxi to Saly or directly to the Somone.
    Cost of the trip: less than 5000 FCFA per head in total, and we never wait too long for the taxi seats to fill up, especially on weekends. 
  • In Demdik : if you leave early it can be interesting remember to book your seats in advance. They are taken by storm. Fast bus that makes the direct connection Dakar (Liberté 5) to the Mbour / Saly crossroads. 
    Price 2500 FCFA, but only two departures per day 8am and 4pm. Arrived in Mbour take a taxi to Saly / La Somone private or shared. 
  • By Private Taxi : According to negotiation for 4 passengers, between 20,000FCFA – 30,000 FCFA. 
  • With your own car : Malicounda Toll 3500 FCFA

What to do at Somone?

La Somone is our favorite corner of the small coast. Why? for the lagoon and oysters! 

Beautiful place in the middle of nature and hyper accessible, to choose, take a deckchair and chill all the aprem feet in the sand, or go explore by Kayak / paddle the lagoon. 

Cross the lagoon for and go to restaurants

You will find many restaurants with deckchairs precisely to have lunch and spend the afternoon.
We advise you: Chez Adams or at The Rasta (service a little long for the second) on the menu, the inevitable monkfish skewer, or prawns.

Tips : do not pay for the crossing of the lagoon (the restaurants opposite have free canoes, be careful we will dock you by making you believe that the crossing is paid) while it is enough to say that you are future customers of this or that restaurant and wait for the shuttle of the restaurant in question to make the crossing. After that, we strongly recommend that you have at least one drink at the restaurant that took you across.

You can also enjoy to see a beautiful sunset

Surfing, Kayaking or Paddle at Somone

Kayak or paddle rental can also be done at Adams (be careful, there will be a tax to access the lagoon reserve – rental 5000 FCFA – tax 1000 FCFA).
For surf lovers, the exit of the lagoon with the tides creates a wave that can be interesting, board rental also at Adams. 

Walking on the other side of the lagoon

When you cross the lagoon behind the restaurants, you can walk along the lagoon.
It's very nice and you will quickly see wild birds. Especially the Kilikoko (Zazou in the Lion King)

Visit the lagoon by boat

The lagoon can also be visited by small motor boat with guide comment (5000 FCFA, honest price) there is also a tax of 1000 FCFA to enter the protected area.
If you fall at the right time you may see the pelicans' ball. 

Eat mangrove oysters at Somone!

Another attraction of the Somone: taste the seafood or oysters of the lagoon. The mangrove and the very salty water are suitable for oyster farming.

There are two addresses:

  • Among the ladies, traditional breeding "Senegalese", "local" oyster, the dozen for 2000 FCFA, you are installed on large wooden tables in the shade, we can not have a shorter circuit: "from water to plates", the ladies who fish them directly in front of you, open them and bring them directly to the plate!
    Friendly atmosphere guaranteed, some bring something to complete their own meal, in large coolers: butter, bread, bottle of wine. Attention not much more on sale except for the accompaniment.
    Only at noon. There are also other seafood available: sea urchins, mussels (cooked over a wood fire), clams, all at extremely affordable prices…
  • At Norbert, Breton installed for a little while in Somone, he imported the species of Breton oyster to raise them in Senegalese waters and it works. 4000 FCFA the dozen, sale of white wine also. Service and frame a hair more chic than in the ladies. 

You can also widely enjoy the sunset which is also beautiful on this side because it sets on the lagoon with often pelicans entering the mangrove

Go for an eco-friendly hike

There are not always guards and it is not inevitable but it is always a nice walk of about 30-40 minutes.

It costs from memory 3000 FCFA per person.

The beginning of the trail is there

Where to stay at Somone? 

It all depends on your budget:

  • Ultra Luxury: Royal Horizon Baobab:

For those who want all inclusive stays, resort type complex with private bungalow seaside, best spot of the somone close to the lagoon with, buffet meal. First prize: +100 euros per night. 

Hotel with swimming pool, rooms with sea view are more expensive, pool area relaxing, deckchair seaside and very nice. Breakfast also with pancake on request. The evening meal is not amazing. Tapas to order directly on the deckchairs' really not bad. A nice option if you do not have the budget for the Royal Horizon Baobab but you want to treat yourself to a few days of vacation. About 75 euros per night, depending on the period and type of room. 

10,000 FCFA per night, for a double room with private bathroom. All we need is not asked for more, the managers are adorable and accommodating. Located "in town", more village atmosphere, typical. We recommend. If you want to spend a night or two on a weekend without breaking the bank, anyway, the interest is not to stay in your room when you are at the Somone ;). 

La Somone is a very popular destination, remember to book your accommodation in advance especially during school holidays and end-of-year celebrations. If everything is full at somone, you can fall back on Ngaparou, the city just before. And make the trips to the lagoon by taxi. 

The best restaurants in Somone? 

Good restaurant in the center of the Village – L'ardoise : Excellent addresses, French cuisine with local products.
Remember to Book.

Grain de Sel : address that I was advised but that I did not test, also made hostel.

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